Start a Successful Gambling Business in Kuwait

Launching a gaming project in new markets, especially developing countries, is a smart decision for entrepreneurs. This helps you avoid a lot of competition and quickly gain a large audience.

Among such markets is the Middle East region. Kuwait is a Muslim state located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a developed country that opens up to the world in terms of business and gambling.

Gambling business in Kuwait: features
Gambling business in Kuwait

I, Karen Phill from , will tell you why Kuwait has a great target audience, and how to organise a start-up in a Muslim country with strict laws.

iGaming in Kuwait: Basic Facts

Until recently, the Middle East was closed to online wagering and bookmakers. Kuwait is an Arab state that used to ban all forms of those activities. However, recently, the government has begun to relax the laws due to the internet technology widespread and high profits from the wagering business.

Kuwait is a wealthy state with an ideal location: on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is rich in mineral resources, has well-developed tourism, and uses modern technologies.

However, the promising sphere of iGaming is still banned in the state. This is due to:

  • the religion of Islam, which prohibits betting;
  • lack of land- or online-based casinos in the country;
  • strict laws, penalties and fines for offences.

There is no legislation to control the web . However, the industry in the country is popular for punters, entrepreneurs and aggregators. They all find ways to work or play for fun in this state under the law.

The best and most legal method of operation is with a foreign licence in Kuwait. Many offshore zones in the world offer to register a business and distribute services abroad.

All you need is to decide on the best jurisdiction, among which the following are the most popular:

  • Kahnawake;
  • Malta;
  • Antigua and Barbuda;
  • Dominican Republic;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Gibraltar;
  • the Isle of Man;
  • Curacao, and others.

Wagering in Kuwait: Main Trends and Benefits

Casinos in Kuwait: trends and benefits
Casinos in Kuwait

The chief reason why the sphere is popular in the country is that residents love to make bids. Betting on sports is favoured in Kuwait because people are eager to try new variants of European activities.

Among the most popular types of sports are:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • handball;
  • cricket.

The local punters also try various versions of wagering because they have sufficient financial resources.

Residents of Kuwait love the following gaming activities:

  • poker and other card games;
  • online betting;
  • live casino entertainment;
  • bingo and keno;
  • roulette;
  • online slot machines.

Here are some benefits why operators choose the market of Kuwait:

  1. High standards of living. The country has a great economy. Local people earn decent salaries, work profitable jobs with career opportunities, have medical insurance, etc. That is why the residents of Kuwait can make high bets and love to play for real money.
  2. Commitment to gaming. Among the citizens of Kuwait, there is a high level of activity on foreign wagering sites. They play alone, with families or friends, most often on mobile phones. Kuwaitis enjoy exploring popular trends, so they enjoy slots, poker, roulette, and games with live dealers on the Internet.
  3. Low competition. Wagering-related companies are small in number in such a promising and rich country as Kuwait. Therefore, there are no competitors that could prevent rapid success. This is a great way to enter the market, especially for newcomers to serve local and international audiences.
  4. Mobile options. Smartphones are the most popular gadgets for bets. Every punter likes to play in comfort, and this is easiest to do at home. In Kuwait, each citizen has a smartphone, and thus quick access to licensed foreign gaming companies.
  5. Use of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is currently one of the most popular payment methods in casinos. Like other independent electronic platforms, crypto tools allow users to deposit and withdraw quickly, anonymously and without commissions. This is extremely important in gambling, especially in Kuwait, where many businessmen and ordinary people have been using Bitcoin wallets for years.
  6. Advanced technologies. Kuwait is a developed country that implements innovations in life. Operators working in the state can offer solutions based on the latest technologies. These are, for example, VR and AR solutions, 3D effects, HTML5 content format, etc.
  7. Quick project launch. All of the above has a positive effect on the gaming business. This will help you not to waste a lot of time and launch the project in a matter of weeks (with the assistance of a guide studio).

Opening Casinos in Kuwait: 7 Steps

There is no need to wait for industry laws to be released to create a product. You can purchase a foreign licence and go through several stages of developing a wagering product.

Here is a simple guide for a gaming project launch on the Kuwaiti market:

  1. Analyse the industry. To begin with, a novice operator should research the field and learn the principles of fair gaming. The more information you learn, the better the strategy you get for creating a project and capturing an audience.
  2. Obtain a licence. The next step before the direct production of the project is legalisation. For Kuwait, you can buy a permit abroad (for example, in offshore territories).
  3. Create a unique web portal. The site makes the first impression on the customer. You need to assemble an exclusive and easy-to-use online portal that would attract many visitors. An impressive site is a key to financial success in wagering.
  4. Buy decent software. Every operator is looking for a provider with the best programs. I advise you to analyse as many companies, ratings, catalogues, and customer reviews as possible to choose the best software. This is the main component of a reliable iGaming business.
  5. Do professional marketing. To make a recognisable product in the short term, an operator should take care of decent promotion. Do not spare money and time for effective marketing. It will help launch the solution faster and gain popularity. Promote your brand on social networks and among partners.
  6. Integrate reliable payment systems. Players of any website are looking for the best and most profitable conditions for deposits and withdrawals. Feel free to use cryptocurrency and reliable electronic wallets for your project. These financial methods are also popular among Kuwaitis.
  7. Ensure 100% safety. Among the important elements of the gambling system is the protection program. You need to use a reliable service to secure users from threats, information leakage, cyberattacks, etc.
  8. Provide effective assistance. After launching the project on the market, you will have to serve lots of clients and solve every issue to maintain your reputation. Therefore, provide your brand with the best customer support in advance.

Top 3 Providers of Gaming Software for Kuwait

Gaming software in Kuwait: top 3 providers
Gaming software in Kuwait

Using the services of a supplier will reduce the time for project development. If you buy tested ready-made products, you will get guaranteed success.

Let me review the 3 most advantageous providers you can purchase software from:


This is an Austrian company whose games are popular in the Middle East. Actively distributed in Kuwait, Greentube produces the latest and most unique slots available on smartphones.

It is known that the company was bought by Novomatic, which greatly expanded its audience. Now the enterprise works in South America and Europe as well.

The main benefits of the provider are as follows:

  • 300+ high-quality slots;
  • premium graphics and unique themes;
  • simple gameplay;
  • crossplatformity.

Pragmatic Play

This is a prosperous gaming company that emerged relatively recently, in 2015. Pragmatic Play is headquartered in Malta and is licensed in that jurisdiction.

The corporation has already managed to win serious awards in a short time. Its popularity is so great that many countries are starting to build representative offices (Gibraltar, Ukraine, the Philippines, and the UK).

The supplier is a relevant solution because of:

  • a wide catalogue of offline and online slots;
  • 43 gaming tables for live entertainment;
  • high-quality graphics (with VR, AR, and 3D effects);
  • 97% of average RTP;
  • a great reputation.

Play’n Go

This is a company whose products are popular and downloaded on 140 international platforms. It is a Swedish firm that was established in 1997 and became the first to provide technical services and consulting.

In 2004, the company began to release internet projects that quickly conquered the market. In 2016, Play’n Go managed to release 20 games, which was a record.

The main advantages of this company’s :

  • crossplatformity;
  • diverse mobile options;
  • big prizes and 96–98% RTP;
  • an exclusive design and simple game mechanics;
  • various betting opportunities.

Ordering a ready-made solution from these companies will bring you such benefits:

  1. Licensing. The suppliers will provide certificates to use in Kuwait.
  2. Professional advice. The vendors have a lot of experience in creating platforms and know well all the peculiarities of doing business in Kuwait.
  3. Excellent software. Relying on the manufacturers, you will get a range of programs to choose from.
  4. Creation of a relevant web portal. If you are new to gambling, you should rely on an aggregator (Online Casino Market, for example) and buy a turnkey solution or a White Label development from mentioned brands. They will create an attractive site.

All Things Considered

Kuwait is a great destination for tourists, investors, and gamblers. The state will legalise wagering activities soon, but still operators have the opportunity to work for a wide audience. They benefit from low competition and high player incomes.

For more details, write to Online Casino Market via:

  • e-mail:
  • Skype: slotsmarket
  • Telegram: @spinwin

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